Is There a Connection Between Sinus Infections and Toothache? March 2, 2016

Though sinus infections and toothaches may seem to be different unpleasant conditions on the surface, the truth is that one can actually cause the other.

Sinus Infection 101

Sinus InfectionsA sinus infection, formally known as sinusitis, occurs when the tissue lining the sinuses becomes inflamed. When the sinuses become filled with fluid instead of air, germs like bacteria, fungi, and viruses enjoy the perfect breeding ground and ultimately form an infection.  

Most sinus infections occur due to a deviated or perforated septum, the common cold, or nasal polyps. They make themselves known with bothersome symptoms like facial pain, congestion, and pinpoint headaches. Antibiotics, time, vaporizers, and decongestants can all help to alleviate and reduce symptoms.

The Toothache Basics

The teeth may look simple on the outside, but they are actually complex systems of roots and nerves that can malfunction and cause pain without any warning. There are many different elements of oral health that can cause tooth pain including tooth decay, fractured teeth, gum infection, an abscess, and a damaged filling says Dr. Stephen Obrochta, a local dentist in st. petersburg, florida.

It’s pretty easy to recognize tooth pain. The symptoms can occur in the form of sharp, consistent, or throbbing pains often made worse by extreme temperatures and added pressure. When teeth are severely infected, fevers and unpleasant drainage can occur as a byproduct.

What’s the Connection?

A sinus infection can indeed cause a toothache. It occurs most often with the upper rear teeth since they sit closest to the sinuses. This “sinus toothache” affliction doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong with the painful tooth itself. Instead, it means that the roots of the upper teeth are so close to the sinus cavity that the nerves are impacted by the extra sinus pressure.

Sinus toothaches can be most easily identified based on movement. If the tooth hurts more during active movement and less when sitting or lying down, the pain is most likely caused by a sinus infection. The best way to cure this is to cure the sinus infection itself.

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How Do You Get Tested For Cataracts? September 5, 2015

Cataracts are basically the clouding of the eye lens resulting in poor vision. The condition is most common among old people and can either affect a single or both eyes. When the condition first affects a single eye, failure to take prompt precautions might cause it to spread to the other eye. Lens is the clear section of the eye which focus an image or light on the retina. Normally, light passes via the lens into the retina where it’s converted into nerve signal that are directed to the brain. In order for a sharp image to be received by the retina, the lens should be clear. Below are the first signs you may need cataract surgery to be on the look out for.

How to find out if you have cataracts.

Cloudy, foggy, blurry or filmy visions; you will tend to lose the brightness of the things even during a bright sunny day.

Improved nearsightedness; a temporary enhancement in near vision. The condition is common among older people since thou their distant vision is worsening, they are able to clearly see near object. Sometimes Tampa Botox treatments could cause this issue as well so be aware of this.

Poor color detection; since lens acts like a filter, their discoloration causes difficult in colour recognition. The sudden change in abilities to distinguish colours with much clarity might depict sins of cataracts.

Double images; when looking via an eye with cataracts you see two images. The superimposition of images is a clear indication of cataract condition.

Night driving problems; the increased brightness from oncoming headlights or enhanced glare might affect driving capacity.

Cataracts can affect any group of people both young and old. The ability to immediate recognise changes in vision and undertake necessary precautionary measures is key in avoiding the progression of the condition. Cataracts among young people may result from ingestion of steroids and diseases like diabetes, exposure to harmful radiations or ultraviolent slights. However, the greatest victims of cataracts is aging persons.

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Botox Treatments: Do They Work? September 1, 2015

Botox is the purified form of a toxin which is a product of bacteria clostridium botulinum. This bacteria produces a powerful toxin. It is used for medical purposes as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of various diseases.

It is used for removing wrinkles in certain regions of the face, to relieve pain or for preventing excessive secretion of sweat.

Is it safe to use botox?

It is safe to use it for therapeutic purposes if the treatment is performed by a professional doctor. It is used for medical purposes since 1980. During each intervention, the doctor is obligated to show the patient exactly which remedies are being used during the treatment. It is necessary to have the information about the place of origin, concentration, as well as the expiration date of the remedy. If there’s no such information, the patient should think twice about giving their permission to do the treatment.

Who should use it?

Proper candidates for this treatment are usually people in their middle age who have wrinkles on their forehead, eyelids or other face and neck area. Our skin feels the movements of our face which causes the appearance of wrinkles. By having the treatment, you will prevent the contraction of muscle tissue, which is responsible for the formation of wrinkles. This process leads to the disappearance of wrinkles as well as the correction of large wrinkles. Aside to that, it is also used by people who have excessive secretion of sweat. It is injected directly under the skin which reduces the effects of gland responsible for the secretion of sweat.

Possible Contraindications/ Side Effects

– An allergy to some of the component

– The occurrence of certain changes on the skin

– Blurred vision

– Drooping of the upper eyelid

– Difficulty swallowing

– Feeling weak

Price of the treatment

The price of the treatment depends on the type of intervention, the area that is being treated and the amount of used material. After being examined by a specialist, you will be informed about the price range.

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Every Reason To Choose A Medical Weight Loss Plan May 29, 2015

The market is awash with supplements and weight loss herbs whose efficacy remains speculative, not to mention the myriad of side effects and potential complications associated with the use of some of them. Medical weight loss programs are, on the other hand, a reliable alternative for individuals looking for sustained weight loss. There are several reasons that render these programs a top choice as highlighted

A focused initial evaluation

During the initial consultation, the physician conducts a comprehensive medical evaluation that will help in formulation of the best program for any individual. Additionally, a review of the patient’s medical history helps in understanding any prevalent medical issues and the physician may also recommend appropriate changes to any medication plans the patient may be on in the course of the weight loss program. The results of this evaluation will also serve as a reference point against which any progress made during the program will be measured.

Evidence-based treatment courses

The basis and effectiveness of the programs are grounded in clinical research. The programs are comprehensive and structured to include dietary modifications, recommended lifestyle changes, physical activity and training and meal-replacement plans. Where the physician may deem it necessary, weight-loss medications are administered to patients to reinforce the effects of the plans.

Custom treatment

Different people have differently structured bodies and a special physiology. This, in effect, means that people respond differently to the constituents of the weight loss program. After extensive research, a medical practitioner is able to make an informed decision of what works best for a particular individual and tailors a plan that is customized for that patient. The programs thus vary in length and structure for individual optimality.

Medical supervision

One of the greatest benefits of the programs is that each step is closely monitored and supervised by a qualified medical practitioner. Any concerns that may arise during the course of the program are addressed by a professional during follow-up visits.

Medical weight loss programs have proven to have beneficial effects that ultimately build towards long-term and sustainable weight loss.

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Best Breakfast for Losing Weight April 7, 2015

weight loss morningEating morning meals is a healthy habit in case you are watching your weight. Research has showed that regular breakfast eaters usually tend to be lean and the dieters are always more successful at losing weight as well as keeping it off by eating breakfast. What is more, individuals who eat breakfast also get more calcium, fiber, vitamins A and C, riboflavin, iron and zinc —and less dietary cholesterol and fat. Perhaps it is because they often eat cereals, which are fortified with minerals and vitamin, and fruits which are naturally nutrient-rich

However, that does not mean that you have to eat cereals to stay or even get trim. Instead, you should mix-up your morning meals and try a few of these 5 best breakfasts for weight loss:

Oatmeal can help one to lose weight in 2 ways. Firstly, it is packed with fiber and thus keeps you feeling full for a long time. Secondly, recent studies in the Journal of Nutrition have reported that taking a breakfast made of “slow-release” carbohydrates like bran cereal or oatmeal—three hours before exercising may help one to burn more fats. How? Eating the “slow-release” carbohydrates does not spike blood sugar like the high refined carbohydrates .In turn, the insulin levels do not spike as high. Since insulin plays a major role in signaling the body to store fats, having lower levels of blood sugar might help you to burn fat.

A recent report which was published in New England’s Journal of Medicine revealed yogurt as one of the foods which are correlated with weight changes. Another reason for eating yogurt is because the proteins in it might give you an extra edge in case you are looking to get lean. Save unnecessary sugar and calories by choosing to eat plain yogurt. In case you need extra sweetness, you should try fresh fruit preferably raspberries.

A cup of raspberries will deliver a whopping 8 grams of fiber thus making it one of best breakfast for losing weight. This is more than double what is in one cup of strawberries and around the same amount in one cup of beans. What is great about all this fiber? Recent researches in the Journal of Nutrition have shown that eating more fiber is a good way of preventing weight gain and thus encouraging loss of weight.

Peanut Butter
Nuts were among the top five foods which Harvard researchers said that promote lose of weight. You should slather a tablespoon or even two of peanut butter to whole-wheat toasts and enjoy the “slow-release” carbohydrate in your weight loss program. You could also add the nuts to your oatmeal which is another “slow-release” carbohydrate.

Eggs deliver proteins, which is great for the dieters thus making it one of best breakfast for losing weight. Compared to fat and carbohydrates, protein will keep you satisfied longer. In addition, in one study, the dieters who took eggs for breakfast used to feel fuller longer and also lost twice as much weight as compared those who ate the same amounts of calories from a bagel for their breakfast.

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Know more about weight loss and its impact on your fitness March 5, 2015

One of the most common words being heard today is weight loss. It somehow seems that nobody is happy with their weight. Either they wish to lose weight or gain weight. But the important thing here is that weight should not be confused with fitness.

Our obsession with weight loss is based on the skinny models that we see on the ramp, on TV and other media. But we need to ask ourselves if they are for real. Do we want that figure or a healthy one? Does skinny mean healthy? The answer is no.

juices for weight lossHealth is based on a number of factors. It includes both emotional and physical factors. Emotional well-being comes from being well fed and not from anorexia. Rather, anorexia has already been termed as a disease. In addition, men and women today have to perform a variety of functions besides looking good. They have t be a good father, a good husband and a breadwinner. Keeping all this in mind, they meed to be physically strong and mentally alert.

It is more important to have a physically fit body than just a thin, weak body. Another thing to be remembered here is that continually being lean and thin can lead to serious complications later on. After all, the body needs its daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other nutrients. Depriving it of any of these will lead to major issues later. If the body has been kept hungry for a long time, it will not be able to absorb them later in life. This will lead to many body parts not getting adequate nutrition resulting in diseases and other medical ailments.

More important than weight loss is mental happiness and peace. Thus the focus has to shift to these aspects of fitness in order to lead a complete, happy life.

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